Size matters? Mathieu & Dennis

We have done weddings for groups of close to 1000 guest (yes, honestly) and now  we have done the same for 2 individuals.

We have always believed that we choose and or are chosen by our client’s by the connection we share with them and the connection they share with each other.

The reason we are in this business is not the long hours, the 100’s of emails, the emotional rollercoaster of a ride, the fee we might charge or the recognition you might receive but solely for one reason: The look that we get to see in our clients eyes when they say “I do” the quick,  audible gasp for breath we hear from the sidelines when they look across and see the person they will commit the rest of their life to standing next to them at the alter , the tear that the partner wipes off the others cheek so carefully as they recite their vows to one and other. The romance, the fairytale, the happy ever after, it is there, if you look for it, ask any good planner they will tell you the same, they have experienced this.  We are fortunate enough to be able  play a small role in this and this is why we do what we do! 

When MathieuHPI_7050 HPI_7069 HPI_7113 HPI_6956b and Dennis came to us, just the two of them, visiting from France, they did not speak our language,  alone, no guest, no family no friends here,  yet the connection they shared was without a doubt, genuine love we could not pass up the chance to assist them, a simple space, simple decor and simply a pledge of love.