Amanda & Jon’s wedding celebration

Almost a year in the planning Amanda and Jon hosted four parties in four days for guest from all around the world (Morocco , France, NYC, NJ and the Windy city  to name a few) partied non stop! We began with a colorful henna celebration at the Bath club on Wednesday with Moroccan music, food, belly dancers and traditional bridal henna, the next day we moved to The Historical Alfred Dupont building for the ceremony, reception and afterparty where guest went strong until 5:00 AM! Friday we returned to the Bath club for Shabbat dinner and Saturday a farewell lunch as well. From the 14 ft high mirrored chuppah I designed (and flawlessly executed by Petal productions) to the “floating cocktail tables” and the accents of black and rose gold we inserted throughout (Amanda’s signature color combination) This was one celebration that will not be soon forgotten!

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