Bond Group Weddings & Crila Photography Interview collaboration

My next series of blog post will feature interveiw colaborations that will give you insight into the specifc fields within the weddding industry. I will be featuring interveiws with  Photographers, floral designers, planners etc., several from each sub category to provide an oppertunity to see the diffrent approach to style, setting and outlook.

Crila is a photographer from Canada with whom I connected instantly, she has a strong background in corporate and commercial and celebrity photography which gives her a unique approach to wedding photography. Her images a fresh and captivating and she has an incredible eye for lighting and bringing emotion in to her shots.

I recently spoke with her and discussed her outlook

BRECK: You and I have discussed how social media and the internet has affected the wedding industry and consumer expectations now versus  15 years ago. Can you share a few of your thoughts regarding this from both a positive and negative aspect?


It ‘s really been interesting to watch the shift of what we can call the cult of personality taking place in our society. Social media has provided the everyman a very powerful tool when it comes to controlling and creating one’s personal brand. Something once reserved to celebrities and marketing strategists has now been democratized to the point where we are actually seeing a social revolution in real time. Now each of us can develop a persona thru social media that will affect the way others view us in professional and social aspects. We can influence our own exposure to the world in ways unseen and unheard of before.

I have always believed that everyone has a specialness that can give them starlike quality with the right knowhow. We do not always have it on display all the time  like a celebrity might but for a mega special event like a wedding it is THE time to shine isn’t it? To be starlike, to push your personal branding to it’s limit. Who are you? Are you a Marilyn? An Audrey? A Kate? A Brigitte, with a twist? Celebs always get inspired by an icon to help them create a magic moment for the red carpet, and that kind knowledge is now commonly accessible, every trick in the book and off the books has it’s YouTube tutorial. Beauty and glamour are no longer reserved for the lucky, the rich and the famous it is now within the grasp of anyone who is willing to reach for it. I believe that our collective esthetic eye has developed immensely because of the amount of images we are exposing ourselves to everyday, and the good ole’ ways won’t cut it anymore. Today the modern bride is sharing her wedding photos in the same media real-estate Rhianna may be posting, so our shot better be hot! Wedding pics no longer have to live in the nostalgic traditional realm in my opinion. It’s a fantasy moment after all! Why not treat it as such.

I think the only negative aspect is a generational one, in that those of us above 12 years old may not quite get some of what’s going on with kids in terms of their connection to tech, and we may judge them too harshly when they are basically born into it and don’t know otherwise.

.BRECK:Can you explain your photography style, what do you look for in an image, what inspires you and how do you translate this in to an image on film.

CRILA: I am always and forever driven by esthetics. Going as far as I can beauty wise.I don’t just enjoy capturing a moment I enjoy creating one. The intimacy and connection level I feel with people I am shooting, whether model, celeb or bride is intense and has a lot to do with the final product. What I mean is that although we may be strangers, what I’m looking for in an image requires this crazy bungee jumping kind of trust in each other. I am holding your expectations in my hands as if there were precious china, and you are trusting me with future memories of yourself that can actually affect the perception you have of your self.

So when I’m asking you to move in a way you may only do when you are alone in front of your mirror or have never even thought you would before, I’m asking you because I am 100 per cent there for you and you can consider me your safety net, I will not ask you to jump unless I’m sure you  can. Ultimately I am looking for the iconic version of the subject I am shooting  and that can only happen if there is a leap of faith and a connection. Creating that moment requires speed, tension and a relaxed attitude all at once.Beauty is always present. It is up to me to capture it. That’s my job.


I know you have done an incredible job of bringing emotion in to commercial & cooperate photography, this is one of the qualities that actually attracted me to your work can you talk about how you are able to achieve this?


Thank you for saying that Breck! And that’s a great question! Well The only real distinction I bring to a corporate and commercial shoot is the awareness that these clients have an existing  target audience that I need to respect and that will influence to various degrees the way I shoot. So I always have to keep in mind that while being true to my vision, my assignment is  to present and enhance their product in the finest possible way. Other then that my mission is always the same: beauty, glamour, and creating iconic images.

BRECK: How does your approach vary when you are shooting a commercial set and a wedding or social event? 


Well with a commercial set , I have access to all my toys and the element of surprise is very low level. I  am very hands on and have a crafty side so a lot of times I am actually involved in designing and building the sets with my assistants. Or I have scouted the locations myself and have decided on any props or additives for the story. For a wedding, the way I approach it is I’ll have a reduced version of my “studio “set up with me and will have a pre arranged idea of the editorial portion of my shoot. So beforehand the couple, the wedding planner and I will have discussed and decided on the concept and location within the venue that can serve as our “set”. We will also have decided on any other types of images that may be important to them. So as with a commercial set I think a proper measure of prep time is important. Again the focus is the wow! factor in every circumstance!

BRECK: As my clients will tell you I think it paramount  that the photographer they hire and themselves have a “connection” what is your opinion of this thought?


I completely agree. I think a good photographer doesn’t only know their gear and have mad skills but they also have to have an extra human element that will bring that additional flavor to the shots. In my case, I will call what I have “esthetic compassion” meaning I see beauty in everyone, I believe in it and I think with the proper energy we can call upon it. I think if you are jaded you will never be able to pull an iconic shot from an everyday person. It’s easy for me not to be jaded because inside me, I have retained parts of the girl I was as a kid, obsessed with makeovers and beauty secrets and stylish people! I completely believe in beauty for all! Democratization of glamour!

CRILA:In closing I want to say thanks for inviting me on your fantastic Blog!

BRECK: Thank you for contributing to my blog and our industry, I wish you continued success